Welcome to Agrosonaadhar

Agrosonaadhar is a growing agritech startup providing farm management services in the agriculture sector. We are the aggregate platform that helps to provide high-quality farm services like land development, irrigation system, farm electricity, crop services, and Trade services which are delivered by trained professional local service providers.

Agrosonaadhar is the aggregate platform where we can organize multiple farm service providers, standardize their services based on time, quality, and price, and trained them to work on the platform to serve more and more farmers efficiently. The platform provides has complete business support for the service provider, to manage all the activities of business development.

Farmer is the main consumer of this platform and gets easy access to take multiple farm services under one roof. There are end-to-end need-based farming services available on single click/call. We work tirelessly to transform the lives of farmers by catering to their service needs at their farm steps.


We’re popular leader in Farm Management Sevices