Welcome to Agrosonaadhar

Welcome to Agrosonaadhar

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Our vision is to build India's most efficient digital platform for farm management services to improve the life of farmers and service providers in the right manner.

Welcome to Agrosonaadhar

Protecting our Soil for future generation

The platform helps farmers to grow produce in sustainable way while improving the productivity of the soil. The system has both a positive impact on the environment, while improving profitability of farmers

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Welcome to Agrosonaadhar

Agrosonaadhar is a recognized growing agritech startup providing farm management services in agricultural sectors. We are a mobile marketplace for farm operations and trade services. The platform helps customers book multiple farm services under one roof. Which is delivered by trained professionals conveniently at the farm step.

A platform that allows the skilled and experienced service provider to connect landowners looking for specific services. All the service providers are skilled and experienced under the intensive training modules before being allowed to list their services on the platform.



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Digital Services provided by Agrosonaadhar Digital Services provided by Agrosonaadhar

We Transform Agribusiness Digitally...

Agrosonaadhar we focus on building digital ecosystem for farmers in collabration with various farm service provider. Agrosonaadhar support the transformation of local service provider which leads to make farming more sustainable to serve more and more farmers.

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We Care For Better Agriculture...

We are staffed with young, passionate people working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of farmers by catering to their service needs at their farm-steps.

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